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Net Worth: May 2015

My head is worth $50,247 now.


San Antonio move

On 6/10/2015, I quit my job as a Supply Chain Analyst and moved on to what I hope are bigger and better things in San Antonio. I am officially an independent consultant for a small steel company based in San Antonio. Fortunately, the owner of the company is a long-time mentor of mine. He gave me a golden ticket to experience life in the small business scene. In the short-term, I will be taking a base pay cut, but I am willing to bet my friend’s first born son that the experience will be worth it alone. The odds are in my favor that this will also turn out to be financially lucrative.

It’s boating season, y’all

Not that my body will be shown to anybody (at least not before payment), but summer is here and I am putting my body to work. Being my lazy self, I picked out a quick 20 minute per session workout plan (click here for more muscle). I do the “Beginner Athlete Complex” routine, except I use two 35lb kettlebells instead of one. My arms, shoulders, back, and legs are toning up, but I’ve still got a pregnant beer belly.





Coming Up

I don’t imagine my net worth will increase at the pace it has been increasing (almost a $20,000 gain in 5 months!). In fact, it may even go lower in the near-term. The mood-swings in the stock market seems to have a large impact on my net worth than before, seeing that I’ve got a good chunk of money invested.

I have no idea what to expect from this transition to the small business world and the feeling is awesome. We’ll see if I end up on the street in hunger.

Net Worth: March 2015

My head is worth $42,751 now.


New Recruiter

I have a recruiter who is actively searching for new job opportunities for me. My past experience with recruiters has not been very encouraging as I have been introduced to job descriptions that did not come close to meeting my background on countless occasions. This recruiter is a hell of a lot more focused than the others I have come across. Although my new recruiter specializes on the financial side, he has presented me with several interesting opportunities that blend my supply chain background with finance. My preconceived and unfair skepticism for his abilities went out the window rather quickly.


TV time reduction

While I have not kept track of how many hours I spend in front of the TV, it has been going down. I did not watch 7 seasons of West Wing + 3 seasons of House of Cards’ worth of television in March. In fact, I am back to reading books now.




Coming Up

My wisdom teeth removal is scheduled for 4/30/2015. Apparently, I will be out of commission for several days and only partially functional for an indefinite period of time. I am sure that my client will get a good laugh out of my inability to speak properly over the phone. Considering that my job is to keep the client happy, I guess that isn’t too bad.

Net Worth: February 2015

My head is worth $39,711 now.


San Antonio Trip (again)

I drove down to San Antonio with my professional investor friend to meet my mentor and his family. What would normally be a 4.5 hour drive became an 8 hour drive due to snow and ice. Anyway, it was another refreshing weekend with the mentor. The word of the weekend was balance and the person of the weekend was Darwin. The discussions about balance largely revolved around happiness, mental stability, health, etc and how they all come together. The Darwin talks were more about how quickly the world is changing, how humans have or haven’t evolved, and how we are wired to think/act.

Television Shows

I’m getting way too into it. I watched two seasons of House of Cards in February. TV shows can really consume time. I have not been much of a TV person for a long while, but since December, I have watched all 7 seasons of West Wing and 2 seasons of House of Cards. I thoroughly enjoy both shows so far, but I need to pace myself. There are other priorities that are higher up the list (like getting a new job).

Sale of Mac Mini

I sold my old Mac Mini for $400 through Craigslist. I have been putting this off for quite some time now and it is a relief to have it crossed off of my list. I dislike selling stuff on Craigslist as well as most things Apple related. It’s not that I hate Apple, I just don’t understand the pricing for Apple products. Their products seem to be par for the course, but their prices are off the charts.

Job Hunt

I haven’t been acting like a person who is hungry for a new job. I have largely been bitching to my professional investor friend about how much I want to leave my current employer. I’m not a good fit. I won’t say that I’m not feeling challenged, rather I’m being challenged in ways that I don’t care to be challenged (e.g. the job isn’t intellectually challenging, but I spend a lot of time figuring out how to program code). I’ve also lost all confidence in the management staff for reasons that I don’t care to mention. At any rate, I’ve only applied for one job in February and didn’t attend any networking events. My excuse has largely been that I don’t know how much happier I would be if I moved to another company. It’s a legitimate concern, but that shouldn’t be stopping me from applying for jobs as it won’t be doing me any favors when I finally do decide that it is time to get the process rolling.



The quick explanation for the jump in my net worth is that I filed my taxes and got a $2900 refund.

Coming Up

I continuously dread getting my wisdom teeth removed. I still need to get the procedure scheduled, but with my recent shift in responsibilities at work, it doesn’t look like I will be able to get it squeezed in. I may just schedule it and tell my boss to put up with it. My mom will be visiting Dallas at the end of March so that’s pretty exciting. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go back down to San Antonio again in March.

Hope everybody had a good February.


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